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We’re a New York and London visionary sales marketing agency that consults and represents businesses including creative entrepreneurs. Our clients range from the likes of CMP Entertainment, Spin Green and Francesca Marotta; to small, one-person start-ups. We’ve helped companies like yours develop brands, secure funding, and export to new markets. Our expertise also covers sales, distribution, marketing campaigns, mobile app development, event management and more. In short, we can take you from inspiration to realisation.

Our Story

In 2008 a New Yorker and Londoner came together in the Big Apple.  They shared a proven business expertise and a passion for fashion, but noticed a gap in the industry:  No one was offering business consultancy tailored specifically for those starting out in the world of fashion. This support solution could remove the stress of creative stagnation and corporate inexperience.  Clothes Minded Group LLC (CMG) was born – initially as a fashion centric consultancy that also delivered business incubation support to startups and newly established labels. 

We helped design, manufacture, market and sell some of the world’s finest apparel – a fact we’re proud of.  We grew with the needs of our clients.  Soon we added specialist event management & production, crisis management, web design, app development, campaigns, press management, fund sourcing and more.  Our clients loved our fluidity of service and one-stop business consultancy approach, and they didnt keep it to themselves. In time, the ripples of CMG’s success were being felt beyond the fashion industry. 

Today we enhance international business from both sides of the pond.  CMG LLC in New York and CMG Global in London sees clients from the world’s fashion, film, music, television, technology, sports and finance industries.  We help shape and propel their brands through creative boundaries.  With our far-reaching export network, we get their products beyond geographic borders too.   

We are conscious of the world around us – a fact that shapes the way we do business.  We want our work to enrich our partners and the environments they trade within.  Nothing says that more than our work with non-profit organisations.  We have sourced ethical, private investment and government backing for some of the world’s most deserved large-scale humanitarian projects. 

CMG has evolved, but our goals remain the same:  We want to continue providing an informed and innovative business strategy support service – support that is as dynamic as our clients.  Service that is flexible enough to adjust to the their needs and their changing business landscapes.


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